FOR HOURLY and DAILY reservation. Unlock your true POTENTIAL

Appointment Booking, Fitness, Pilates, Wellness, Tennis, Golf, Spa, Personal Training

Get your own booking calendar up and running in 10 minutes



decide bookitme for their golf simulators

No Hidden Costs, No Games

We believe in transparency, so unlike other platforms we don’t surprise you with hidden fees, bandwidth overage charges, or anything else that limits your success.

Unlimited Bookings

We provide unlimited bookings for all pricing plans.
Our clients are not limited in number of bookings for their booking and reservation services. We will never charged our client for any of numbers bookings.

Free Booking Calendar Setup

Our activation process is totally FREE.
Our support team setup BOOKITME for instantly start-up on client needs.
We will create email templates for email campaign and our support team will create EMAIL NOTIFICATION message for your booking and reservation services

If your existing booking engine posing a limit to your demanding online sales strategy
then you can try bookitme and unlock your true potential

BOOKITME helping local businesses earn more money in new revenue each year.
Thousands of business owners rely on us to manage their customer appointments and to grow their revenue

Flexibility & Possibility

the complex web site has a reservation engine that brings powerful solutions to any client of Golf courses, Fitness centers, Wellness sites, Hair Salons, Golf Simulators facility.
BOOKITME has a reservation system optimized for touch screen devices.
Activation time for our booking and reservation system is extremely fast and easy. is 100% CLOUD solution.

Easiness & Speed

BOOKITME is more than a calendar, bookitme has an increased functionality by incorporating event management tools for every department. BOOKITME has very short learning curve and reservations looks, which can be customized to suit your specific needs.
Our infrastructure is reliable for every customers needs, an all system data that are stored are encrypted.

Extensive Reporting

Comprehensive statistics and reporting systems are implemented for our BOOKITME clients and they will have detailed reports of any booking and reservation activities. Booking time and money reports are organized in weekly and monthly previews.
Unlimited booking calendar and staff occupied is supplied.

Client Relationship

BOOKITMEhas integrated own email marketing system for professional marketing works at any facility. Each new client has own email template
campaign ready to used for email campaign. Clients email campaigns are managed directly from BOOKITME.
First 1 500 emails per month is free of charge in the standard package.

New product All-in-One EVENT RESERVATION CALENDAR software helps companies  organize, promote, and share their events




New product All-in-One EVENT RESERVATION CALENDAR software helps companies organize, promote, and share their events

Staf & Resources Scheduling

Feature lists of BOOKITME include assign tasks and send notifications via the staff dashboard. Allow staff members to update their own availability on the schedule and give each staff member a unique login, and adjust permissions to set what they can and can’t view.

Email Promotions

Integrated property email campaign management of BOOKITME give a change used notification email sending special information to special defined user groups. Example: When facility customer has defined birth day BOOKITME automatically generate message for manager.

Appointment Details

The main of options of BOOKITME is change the time or staff member for any appointment with a simple drag and drop on the schedule. Online booking system generate appointment details for proprietary staff member automatically. Over view of all appointments in BOOKITME are available in history.

Reminders & Confirmations

BOOKITME internal function watch our system for generating reminders messages for each booking at the system. Time for remainder can be setup in admin interface for each booking calendar in BOOKITME.