Hourly and Daily reservation are in BOOKITME


Calendar Preview

Your business depends on your ability to keep moving. You can easily switch between Day, Week and Month calendar preview.
BOOKITME has integrated beautiful calendar preview. All bookings are sorting by days. Your bookings can also be synced with other calendars like Google Calendar

Booking Dashboard

You can easily view in BOOKITME daily dashboard all your bookings per day of all your services. You can setup any day in year and you can see all bookings for defined day. Print button give you change print all bookings from your booking dashboard. Booking dashboard is the first look at day and bookings. Detailed statistic are available too.

Create bookings

Add, edit and remove bookings with ease. Save hours of time by setting up recurring bookings. You can setup in BOOKITME very flexible all of customers booking demand. Booking income to pending status after customer used for booking web interface. You are able to change this system behavior and all incoming bookings will have confirmed status after booking with web interface.

Booking Services

BOOKITME support online payments.
Credit Card
Bank Account Transfer

Integrated booking reminders sent EMAIL or SMS to the customer prior to their booking.

Online Bookings

With BOOKITME you get online bookings out of the box integrated directly to your website.

Booking button on your website and customers can book bookings online in a few easy steps, anywhere, any time, from any device and smartphones.
BOOKITME runs from the cloud, which is just a easy way of saying that you don’t need to buy any new hardware or spend money to system administrator.

Pyments and Email reminders

Unlimited services are supply to your staff. Do you need to carry out more than one service during your customers booking? Perhaps with different staff or at different times? With BOOKITME it’s quick and easy — no more duplicate bookings! You can activate and deactivate services directly upon your needs.

Statistics and Personal Touch

Comprehensive statistics and reporting systems are implemented for our With you get online bookings out of the box integrated directly to your website. clients and they will have detailed reports of any booking and reservation activities. Booking time and money reports are organized in weekly and monthly previews.
Unlimited booking calendar and staff occupied is supplied.