Always in touch with your CLIENTS on-line

Improve Customer Relationships

BOOKITME helping local businesses earn more money in new revenue each year.
Thousands of business owners rely on us to manage their customer appointments and grow their revenues

Whether you’re capturing new sales or supporting existing customers, an instant channel of communication is proven to convert more leads and reduce customer support costs

Real time chat for customer support

Always in touch with your clients — Bookitme Live Helper embedded on your web pages will allow visitors to talk with you in just a few clicks — and you’ll be able to solve their problems immediately!

Multiple operators & guests chatting

Single operators can talk with many visitors at once and multiple operators can be available on-line all at the same time. Create any number of operators you want!

See what your visitor is watching!

On top of the chat’s view there’s always a live status of the page guest is currently visiting. Now you will know what your clients are looking for and be able to immediately respond to their needs!

Full history search

Past conversations are always available for you to search through — you can filter the results by names, e-mail addresses and dates.

Customization and Branding!

Full customization and branding of this proven functionality which increases online sales conversions, optimizes customer support staff productivity, and improves customer satisfaction.

Pre-Made & Personal Messages

Help agents avoid answering the same question multiple times. Chat Agents can create a library of canned responses from within their agent desktop. This increases overall efficiency and ensures consistent outbound communication.